Design guidelines

Here's everything you need to know when designing your own knitwear.

Getting started

The first thing you’ll need is the template. Below are the different file formats that you can download and work on.

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Knitwise - Sweater Design Template.psd • 1.2Mb

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Knitwise - Sweater Design Template.bmp • 1.7Mb

Open the downloaded template on your favorite editor. For the .PSD we recommend Photoshop, but for .BMP, feel free to use whichever .BMP image editor you want.


This section talks about how to start designing your own knitwear products. Following the guidelines and procedures mentioned here will ensure that your designs pass our format checker and will be understood by our knitting tech.

Knitwise Color Palette

All designs must have a maximum of 4 of the allowed colors in our color palette. This includes the background of the sweater, the trims, and of course, the design itself. The following are the allowed colors you can use in your design: