id,status,rating,email,img,nickname,review,date,productId,handle,variant,verified_purchase,orderId,reply,replied_at,How would you rate us? EkLCypIaj,Active,5,,,Rebecca,Love my sweater! Fits TTS and the artwork came out perfect. ,2022-01-23T22:03:37.574Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied V15qMnLps,Active,5,,,Ying Z.,Very cute! And the sweater is really comfortable ,2022-01-23T21:08:28.478Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied 4krXvqHTs,Active,5,,,Maleny E.,On January 8th I had to lay my sweet girl to rest. She blessed me with ten years of friendship that I will forever be grateful for. Having this sweater brings a smile to my face. I am happy with my purchase. ,2022-01-23T00:57:43.226Z,7094583492769,pet-portrait-with-retro-sunset-background,,,,,,Very Satisfied NJgNCy1Xps,Active,5,,,Rachel,"We love our sweaters and have already gotten lots of compliments! Very happy with the artwork, it captures Remy perfectly! Everyone at Knitwise was great to work with! The artwork was well done, the artists really took the time to incorporate my requests and make sure I was happy with the final product. Throughout the process the email communication was timely and the staff was very attentive and easy to work with.",2022-01-20T23:31:02.172Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied N1xvtaz6j,Active,5,,,Charlie C.,"The sweaters from Knitwise were amazing. They fit well and are comfortable and everyone I gave them to loves them. They are well crafted and the artwork looks great. Thank you so much for making this wonderful thing. ",2022-01-20T21:55:13.174Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,One Pet / Chili,true,4567169302779,,,Very Satisfied VkDDFFfas,Active,5,,,Jeliz,Communication was clear & efficient during the design process. They really listen to you! Delivery was on time & the product is absolutely cozy & adorable. ,2022-01-20T17:22:16.737Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,,,Very Satisfied VyUcDFf6s,Active,5,,,Kelly K.,"What a great experience- the process was simple & the customer service was excellent. I got my sweater within 2-weeks, much faster than expected. Sizing is perfect (I got an XL & it fits just right). Couldn’t be more pleased & will be reordering for myself & as gifts. ",2022-01-20T17:14:31.805Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,,,Very Satisfied V182zh0hj,Active,5,,,Lauren R.,The customer service was truly outstanding!! As amazing as the product itself. My mom was so excited to receive!,2022-01-17T19:29:27.708Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied Nk-8M30hi,Active,5,,,Aly T.,"I LOVE this sweater, it made me so happy!!! I wear a women's US size 4 (small) and ordered the grey medium and it fits slightly loose. If you want a more fitted look then order to size. Thank you, I will order another in the future!",2022-01-17T19:27:47.366Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied N1wl4iC3s,Active,5,,,Brittni T.,"My Mom's beloved pet pig Arnold tragically passed away this summer, so for Christmas I had Knitwise put his portrait on a sweater for her. The entire process was so simple, and they made sure that I was happy with the design every step of the way. I couldn't believe the level of detail when it arrived, it looks amazing. My mom was so touched on Christmas morning, she cried when she opened it. Thank you for helping me give my mom such a lovely and meaningful gift! (I'd say the sweaters are true to size, but do shrink just a bit if put in the dryer.)",2022-01-17T18:26:32.872Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,,,Very Satisfied NyFz9dAnj,Active,5,,,Nitesh,"I really love this sweater. It's super comfortable, I hate taking it off. Feels really special to know that I have something so unique featuring my favorite guy. Also gotten tons of compliments on it. Will be buying sweaters for family members next Christmas. ",2022-01-17T15:27:54.637Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,,,,Very Satisfied VkIwxgR2s,Active,5,,,kiley rae d., Very happy with what I got! i was a little nervous with it costing so much but you get what you pay for! the quality of the sweater is worth the money! ,2022-01-17T05:40:23.008Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,true,,,,Very Satisfied EyKfIIino,Active,5,,,Christopher W.,"Thank you so much for all of your help with the Knitwise Sweater. It was a gift, and the recipient loved it. It fit perfectly (as described) and the likeness of our dog on it was amazing. Overall, it was a huge success!",2022-01-15T06:17:31.083Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,,,,Very Satisfied Eyx_MBLjnj,Active,5,,,Memi C.,"The sweaters age wonderful. My 9year-old son teared up when he opened his. Big Dog was our amazing foster dog who had a great impact on us. These sweaters are our way to remember and honor him. ",2022-01-15T06:13:52.676Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,true,,,,Very Satisfied 415UELo3s,Active,5,,,Christina B.,"I love my sweater, it looks so much like my dogs! The sizing is accurate (I ordered a medium, which is the size I usually wear). It’s well made and warm. I got lots of compliments on it too! Thanks!",2022-01-15T06:10:04.301Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,,,,Very Satisfied NkjZotchi,Active,5,,,Rachel S.,My new favorite sweater! Love it!,2022-01-14T15:51:09.158Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,true,,,,Very Satisfied 4kv6Vr9nj,Active,5,,,Lindsey J.,"It was a Christmas gift for my sister! It arrived early, looks and feels great and it’s just the best. Thank you so much Knitwise! Here is a picture of my sister with her dog Scooter! Thanks for helping me win Christmas! ",2022-01-14T10:51:30.498Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,true,,,,Very Satisfied VySWGi82j,Active,5,,,Michelle ,The sweater is great quality! ,2022-01-11T16:40:09.491Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied E1Rb-VLhi,Active,5,,,Chika R.,I purchased this sweater as a gift for my friend’s dad. But my friend is in love with the sweater (she is the one you see in the pic):) She also told me that she gets lots of compliments when she wears it. I will definitely order it again. And This is one of the best gifts for pet lovers!!! The order process and customer services are wonderful too!! I definitely recommended it!!,2022-01-11T08:38:07.653Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied Vkl4GIE3s,Active,5,,,JoAnn A.,"I absolutely LOVE this sweater - great fit (true to size), is super soft and warm, and is so fun to wear! The design is knit right into the sweater - it’s not a cheap appliqué ironed on. Even better, the process was so quick and easy. I received the artwork within a few days, and received shipping confirmation just days after artwork approval! I even received my sweater earlier than the estimated arrival date. I get so many compliments and will likely gift a few for friends and family!! I 100% recommend this sweater!!",2022-01-09T22:34:58.859Z,7094583492769,pet-portrait-with-retro-sunset-background,,,,,,Very Satisfied 4kxguwiTjo,Active,5,,,Peri M.,Loved the sweater! It turned out exactly how we wanted - so cute and cozy!,2022-01-04T21:12:52.622Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Dissatisfied 41Tylehij,Active,5,,,Gillian S.,"Such a high quality sweater! Excellent customer service working with the artist to make this happen. Sweater is a tad small, I would size up. But all my family members want one now! So worth it.",2022-01-03T13:57:33.675Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied Vy5U2bOio,Active,5,,,Lauren D.,"LOVE my sweater! The artwork is incredible, it looks just like my pups! I’m a very “particular” person (read: picky, I know what I want lol) and the back-and-forth with the artwork was seamless. It was small things too, like “my dog smiles a bit more” or “you can’t see in the pics but he’s brindle so can you add spots”. The product is INCREDIBLE too. Such a nice, high-quality sweater with the image sewn into it - it’s not screenprinted or anything. I wear it all the time! I would recommend sizing up though. I am a women’s small in almost everything I wear, and the measurements matched one of my small sweaters, but it feels a little tight still. I could wear it, but I prefer a little more roominess in my sweaters (see mirror photo, sorry about the dirty spots). Customer service has been wonderful too. I would 1000000% purchase again from Knitwise!",2021-12-31T15:09:46.810Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,4549994283169,,,Very Satisfied NJdEm4Qis,Active,5,,,Danica W.,The sweater came out amazing!! The quality of the artwork and material is great. The process was so easy and they really care about making the artwork perfect. Thank you Knitwise for a 110% experience!,2021-12-27T22:54:17.056Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied E1WadRGoj,Active,5,,,Doris,"Love the service, quality and fit of this sweater. And more importantly, the graphic artist did a great job! Thank you Knitwise team! ",2021-12-27T16:28:20.048Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied 4JQs4cbso,Active,5,,,Vicky S.,"I gave this to my daughter for Christmas and she just loved it, she was so pleased with the artwork and how well Knitwise did with making her sweater. The Customer service was excellent. They went above in beyond in making sure we got the sweater on time for Christmas. They were also very honest, I overpaid by $10 and they just reimbursed me before I had a chance to realize my mistake. I would highly recommend Knitwise and I will be ordering from them again.",2021-12-26T17:25:28.603Z,7094593454241,holiday-special-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied 4J1uarlso,Active,5,,,Amber C.,I bought these as a Christmas gift for my husband and he was thrilled! The artists at knitwise did a great job illustrating our bunny babies and really capturing their personalities. They worked with me every step of the way to create these perfect sweaters! ,2021-12-25T18:09:20.960Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied EycKVNgos,Active,5,,,Erin P.,This sweater is absolutely adorable! It looks exactly like my Mom’s pups and it’s a great quality and comfy sweater. Definitely one of the best Christmas gifts I’ve given!,2021-12-25T16:23:08.172Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,4551380926715,,,Very Satisfied 4k9Iarocj,Active,5,,,Joseph K.,People at the restaurant kept coming up to me to ask if that was my dog on the sweater. The quality of this sweater is truly amazing and beautiful. Order yours and thank me later 🥰🥰🥰,2021-12-21T23:07:41.422Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied V1x8eX7cj,Active,5,,,Yasmin N.,"Amazing customer service, and the quality is so good too! Love it :)",2021-12-15T18:17:24.574Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-head-portrait,,true,4497259233441,,,Very Satisfied V1HCsW79o,Active,5,,,Ziyi Z.,"I really appreciate Knitwise as they have been so accommodating and helpful throughout the entire experience of co-designing this sweater. The artwork I requested wasn't what they normally create, but they were able to pull it off perfectly and I love it! Thank you for being so patient and understanding. ",2021-12-15T16:49:58.011Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied VJ8WOZQ5o,Active,5,,,Xingzhi H.,"Knitwise was able to capture my furbaby Milky's beauty and expression from just a few photos! I'm so impressed with the artwork quality and the sweater quality, because it's super soft and feels amazing. I love wearing the sweater, it's so cozy and washes so easily! I have received so many compliments on it, and will definitely be using Knitwise for Christmas gifts next year. Thanks Knitwise! ",2021-12-15T16:33:43.437Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,,,Very Satisfied 4JWFnug9s,Active,5,,,Frank G.,"This sweater is Amazing! Exactly what I was looking for! The artist did a really great job translating the pictures of my dogs into the sweater. They look exactly the same as the picture. And we can wear it for every occasion, that's the most wonderful thing. Really love it!!",2021-12-13T18:13:54.561Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satified NymqGVxqj,Active,5,,,Hollie M.,I ordered my sister a sweater for Christmas. Once it came in and I saw how great it was I couldn’t wait and gave it to her already. It was a hit! She’s gotten lots of compliments on it. 10/10 would recommend!!,2021-12-13T12:58:38.276Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,4549975212193,,,Very Satified 4kaa9Ql5o,Active,5,,,Kelsey K.,"We love our holiday sweater from knit wise!! It is so similar to Bruschi— I can’t wait to wear it for the holidays! ",2021-12-13T12:25:24.002Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satified Nyf1wdCFo,Active,5,,,Eason L.,"This sweater is super cute, and it is true to size. My boyfriend is a big boy with 6.4ft. He is perfectly fit this cute sweater. The sweater is soft and comfy. The cats on the shirt looks exactly like our cuties! Love is so much! Recommend to all pet lovers! ",2021-12-12T05:25:23.679Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satified 4J71k33Fo,Active,5,,,Meghan H.,Just a overall great experience! Quality sweater with my boys on it! Love it! It’s amaZing! 😻,2021-12-10T20:59:48.116Z,6987327504545,2-dogs-in-one-artwork,,true,4555788812539,,,Very Satified NyeYp6s2Fo,Active,5,,,Meghan H.,"This was a awesome experience! They had great communication thru the whole process, I knew exactly what it was going to look like and the time frame it would take to receive it. I took a chance on a Instagram ad and couldn’t be happier with the results :) It’s amazing and I love it! ",2021-12-10T20:55:08.854Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,4555788812539,,,Very Satified EyY8kqoYi,Active,5,,,Taylor D.,"The design process was amazing, they communicated a timeline and stuck to it. They listened to any of my questions and made changes that we worked out together. The sweaters are a super lightweight knit- like a sweater you would actually enjoy wearing! The photos are priceless, and they perfectly capture our girls. Thank you so much!",2021-12-10T00:32:59.015Z,6987327504545,2-dogs-in-one-artwork,,true,4547199140001,,,Very Satified N1NBKviFo,Active,5,,,Donald J.,"The process couldn't have been easier or more enjoyable. They contacted me shortly after I submitted a photo with a rendering of my pet's portrait and a mockup of the sweater-- it was an easy approval process and very quick turnaround. I was a littler worried about getting it in time because of shipping delays, but received my product nearly three weeks earlier than anticipated. It's good quality and exactly as I pictured it-- in fact, though this sweater is a gift, I'm considering buying one for myself because I'm so pleased with how this one turned out. A great gift for you or the pet-lover in your family.",2021-12-09T21:50:28.923Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,true,4548100161697,,,Very Satified NkY-VUoti,Active,5,,,Cristi L.,It came out perfect. Just like the picture I sent and it’s 100% my baby boy Plankton.,2021-12-09T20:19:54.811Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-head-portrait,,true,4499065176225,,,Very Satified VyCfm8sFo,Active,5,,,Sarah K.,"LOVED this whole experience. The team that worked with us on the design was amazing and we cannot be happier with the product! Our whole family will be wearing them for Christmas this year! Sizing was spot on, and the quality was GREAT! Not cheap like other companies. Highly recommend!",2021-12-09T20:15:59.602Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,4529994858657,,,Very Satified VJYtYxtto,Active,5,,,Hannah L.,"I was very satisfied with custom pet sweater for the first time, and the customer service helped to modify it several times and was very patient. The quality of the clothe is very good and the colors are very nice! The price is worth it because you can get a unique outfit for yourself! I'm very sure I will customize again in the future!",2021-12-08T01:29:14.245Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satified NkrZp5vYj,Active,5,,,Joanna,"Absolutely beautiful! The sweater quality is amazing and the artwork just what I envisioned! The entire process was a breeze and knitwise team was there to answer any of my questions. As for sizing, I'm usually and XS and the sweater fits true to size, the chart measurements are accurate. I can't say enough good things about this company! Thank you knitwise!",2021-12-07T00:43:19.927Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, EkgytcnVKj,Active,5,,,Chloe Z.,I got this sweater as a gift for someone and they loved it! The artwork was perfect. Working with customer service was very easy and they were really friendly and helpful. Would highly recommend it! :),2021-12-04T20:11:12.346Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,, 41sR4LLOj,Active,5,,,Hui L.,This sweater is so good!The cat in front of the sweater looks exactly as my cat!Great job of doing it. And also the size is true fitting. Feels comfortable. Also material is good. The sweater is as thick as a hoodie. Not too thick or too thin. It is perfect for all seasons. Love it~,2021-11-23T22:05:49.443Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,4444289728673,, Vyg8GSS_s,Active,5,,,Sherrod L.,This sweater is amazing!! It looks exactly like the picture of our dog. My husband loves it!,2021-11-23T02:34:25.720Z,7094593454241,holiday-special-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, 4ytXu8zdj,Active,5,,,Louise H.,Such a beautiful sweater! Great customer service experience! They worked on the artwork and made changes until it was perfect! Thank you thank you!,2021-11-20T21:30:50.601Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, E1OUpXLPs,Active,5,,,Sophia J.,"Thanks Knitwise for this incredibly well-made sweater! After we uploaded the photo, the designer followed up with the first design quickly and made adjustment in a timely manner. It's been a really pleasant experience along the way. The sweater is so soft and of high quality, and it fits well. I'd definitely recommend it to my friends, and buy a second piece myself. ",2021-11-11T16:00:56.570Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, EJbm0SnUj,Active,5,,,Bowen X.,"The experience with knitwise is great! The art work of Chopper is impressive, I got few versions and was able to pick up the favorite one. When I got the sweater, it’s amazing as expected. I ordered size M which my husband and I can all wear, mine is like a more casual style. The material feels comfortable, just like wearing a sweatshirt. I will definitely recommend knitwise to my friends with pets.",2021-11-04T04:18:11.384Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,4447046369441,, E1eLx72Li,Active,5,,,Bobby N.,"Sweater is very soft and comfortable, and we are impressed by the artwork. It totally captures our baby's features! The team is accommodative to our requests and makes the co-creation process really enjoyable. Definitely recommend.",2021-11-04T01:02:56.244Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,4448692830369,, EyXgS-hIs,Active,5,,,Xue C.,"Wow, this sweatshirt blows me away! It is so comfy and chic, I can wear this everyday at home. I'm definitely buying a second one with my cat on it.",2021-11-03T23:05:56.363Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, V1lJJxo8o,Active,5,,,Ylan M.,"This sweater is perfect! High-quality material, machine-washable, and the Knitwise team perfectly captured the details on the photo I sent. What a beautiful keepsake of my pups!",2021-11-03T03:19:29.622Z,6987327504545,2-dogs-in-one-artwork,,true,4442504659105,, EJfxJ35Us,Active,5,,,Stephanie K.,"Great communication, quick shipping, and amazing product! This will make a perfect Christmas gift! ",2021-11-02T22:46:43.041Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,true,4500149141665,, VktDEdtLo,Active,5,,,Angela S.,Absolutely love this sweater! Nice customer service and great quality. Will recommend this to my friends.,2021-11-02T00:24:42.917Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, 41IUZmtLo,Active,5,,,J W.,Good quality and well designed picture. I love this sweater a lot and one of my cats actually look at the sweater for a while and thinks she has a new sister!,2021-11-01T18:30:14.538Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, 4yE5TyYLj,Active,4,,,Warner T.,well done,2021-11-01T14:49:32.319Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,4446160584865,, 4yGZdFHUj,Active,5,,,Stella W.,It was a lovely experience ordering the customized sweater. The artwork captured my furry baby’s sweet personality vividly and the sweater turned out super cute and fashionable! I would definitely recommend it to every pet owner! ,2021-10-30T00:59:15.831Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, EJi5GnfIj,Active,5,,,Taylor W.,"I am in love with this sweater, look how cute it is! I got to use my favorite photo of my pet and the whole process of picking the design and choosing the color of the sweater went smoothly. The sweater is in high quality and it is very soft. I recommend this store and their services ",2021-10-27T21:24:12.662Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,, VkvWx5G8s,Active,5,,,Angie W.,Yuki was 11 years old when he went to doggie heaven~ always wanted a piece of him with me so I can take him to explore the rest of the world! Never though I would be able to wear him and take him on my adventures!!! The sweater is actually amazingly soft!!! This is bar far way over my expectation! LOVE IT! ,2021-10-27T18:56:40.176Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, 41Ve5Bb8o,Active,5,,,Emily Z.,"As an artist, I am stunned by the artwork, detail, and craftsmanship that went into this sweater! The design team took all of my feedback into consideration and delivered a stellar product, I am so pleased with the results. The sweater is also super comfortable and stylish. I couldn’t be happier! ",2021-10-26T19:45:25.012Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,, EyqeMrbIi,Active,5,,,Adele s.,"I love it soooooo much!!!!!! They sweater is sooo cute, it is one of the best birthday gift I have received!!!They look exactly like my cutie! I put two cats on the sweater, and they look cute on it. They sweater is true to size, and it is really comfortable. The customer service here is awesome, they have talked me very detailed about how I like want to print my cats. Best shopping experience ever!!",2021-10-26T19:11:22.674Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, Eyqx4Rp4s,Active,5,,,Yi L.,"We loved the sweater! The artwork showed exactly how our year and half Shiba pupper's stance, it feels very soft and breathable in the same time! Definitely worth the money as well as the wait! Will come back for another one next year!",2021-10-12T01:28:59.058Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,, Vyeszdt4s,Active,5,,,Eric,"We couldn’t be happier with the sweater! The design team took our notes on the background design beautifully, making a fashionable sweater with Echo’s smiling face. The quality of the product is phenomenal as well. It fits well, and I can tell it’ll last a long time. Thank you Knitwise team!",2021-10-08T17:44:33.723Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,true,,, VkLDEVv4o,Active,5,,,Mandy W.,"Meatball and I love this sweater! It's comfortable, cute, and I've received dozens of compliments on it. The process to select the artwork of my furbaby was super simple, and the team was willing to make any changes I suggested. It's also very easy to wash and dry, no extra hassle to keep it clean. ",2021-10-07T00:54:31.123Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,, NkbxKo8Vo,Active,5,HJP2@HOTMAIL.COM,,Hyunjoo P.,Love it! Can't wait to wear this when outing with Olli. The personalized drawing process was fun and very detailed oriented. The quality of the sweater is very good. Can be worn as a outer sweater during the fall season. This would be a great gift for any pet parents. ,2021-10-06T14:59:30.867Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,,, VJcpt874j,Active,5,,,Luxi J.,"We ordered two gray ones, both in XL since I like to wear oversize stuff, my husband is 6’2”, surprisingly fit us both perfectly. The art was cute and good quality sweaters! I just hope you guys have more color available so I can order more.",2021-10-04T02:45:00.377Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,,, Ey2QgGgVs,Active,5,,,Chole Z.,"I purchased my sweater about a month ago, and there are two things that made the entire experience great: 1) the service was absolutely stunning, the customer service person was very patient and nice; and 2) the product really surprised me! The artwork looks so vivid! In one word, I love my sweater, thank you guys.",2021-10-01T14:54:04.376Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,,, 4JTdd5kNo,Active,5,,,Ting H.,"I like the sweater A LOT. it is a soft cotton hand feel. I can wear it just as it or over a shirt or tee. I picked the red for the holidays and probably will also wear it to when walk dogs in the next few weeks. It is perfect for outdoor fall and spring in Delaware. I am sure this year Momoco and Alyx will become famous in my neighborhood. LOL. Thinking of get another color like cream later. so far the sweater is in great shape after a few wash. no pilling, no shrink, no fading color. easy care just to through the sweater in washer for cold wash. Thumb up.",2021-10-01T06:23:25.980Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,,, 4JUOP9J4i,Active,5,,,Yi Z.,"Matchy matchy! Mom and dad got a Jupyter sweater 😋 Love our sweater! It’s true to size and the quality is very good. I really love the portrait we got from the artist.",2021-10-01T06:19:03.157Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,true,,, V1lrZQqkVi,Active,5,,,David L.,"I love this sweater so much, great fit and top quality material. You can tell from my little boy's smile that he likes it too! Definitely recommend to anyone who owns a pet, and I would order more from them!! ",2021-10-01T06:00:06.234Z,6983623114913,4-color-jacquard-sweater-you-idea,,true,,, 41X3Im07i,Active,5,,,Calida G.,"That's an amazing experience! I was envied by most of the persons who met me on my way to the dog park. They knew my pet was on the sweater without any words and they loved it as much as I did. The sweater is soft, breathable and stylish. I wanna wear it everyday! Definitely, I'll make another one for my baby! haha",2021-09-30T04:05:41.372Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,true,,, 4kSMgdsmo,Active,5,,,Coco L.,"This sweater was ordered as a birthday gift for my husband. The Knitwise team was really patience to understand my requirements, and followed up effectively. I really enjoyed the process to co-create this sweater. It is definitely a nice gift and both of us love the sweater!",2021-09-28T02:41:58.974Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,true,,, V1HOLbqms,Active,5,,,Jane K.,"I’m very impressed with the turnout of my sweater. The detailing is very precise. I was allowed full control of my design and was given a draft to ensure it was to my liking. The sweater is soft, and accurately sized. This is a perfect gift! ",2021-09-27T00:59:03.331Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,,, 4kxfLzpYms,Active,5,,,Tom J.,"I am a cat lover and this is such a great gift for me with my baby cat photo on it, I can tell my cat loves it too!!! Nice quality sweater, suitable for October in Boston.",2021-09-26T20:08:19.863Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,,, 4kGvgZNao,Active,5,,,Brianna B.,Amazing!!! I ended up changing the color of the sweater after I had ordered and customer service was super quick and responsive. Great quality sweater and so unique with the knitting. I ordered an XL for an oversized fit to tuck into jeans and such.,2022-01-21T20:02:21.890Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied 4k6DUGbaj,Active,5,,,Adrian S.,We were very happy with the customer service experience in designing our sweater to make it as close to the image as we had envisioned. Would definitely buy from Knitwise again and recommend to friends and family. ,2022-01-19T14:59:29.551Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied EySfIg0is,Active,5,,,Diana L.,"The customer service and art from Knitwise is insanely good. They were so patient with me as I requested slight changes to the sweater they designed. My package got lost and I was devastated. They emailed me to check in, and when I told them what happened, they checked in on me every other day while I filed a claim and gave me all the info I needed to do so. Responses were so quick. In the meantime, I was able to order another sweater, just in time for Christmas. And, of course, the sweater is fantastic. Super comfortable and exactly what they showed me. The art was so incredible and cute. The dithering style is so well done and artful. I completely recommend Knitwise. Customer service is fantastic, the artists/designers are talented. Overall, it was a great experience!",2022-01-05T02:48:21.297Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,,,Very Satisfied E1Vh0S2os,Active,5,,,Peri M.,Loved the sweater! It's perfect - I can't wait to order another!,2022-01-03T20:41:56.980Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied EJHGQ72ji,Active,5,,,Danielle B.,Wonderful experience working with the artist! Responded back in a timely manner and was very helpful. I will be purchasing again!,2022-01-03T17:36:02.277Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied 4JnL8IWij,Active,5,,,Dom,We love love love the sweater! It is super comfy and the artwork is amazing. It looks just like our dog George. Now we can show him off wherever we go. ,2021-12-26T12:59:41.657Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,,,Very Satisfied NkuLfXyss,Active,5,,,Simon R.,Brilliant experience from lodging the order right through to the finished product. Fantastically prompt & helpful communication and the jumper was an absolute hit as a Christmas present. Will absolutely use again!,2021-12-24T20:53:13.440Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied N1K1kuT9i,Active,5,,,Amy N.,"I absolutely LOVE the sweaters. I would say quality product, great customer service and fast shipping are the 3 features most valuable.",2021-12-23T13:55:25.080Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied V18o7h8qi,Active,5,,,Dylan D.,Wonderful! Artists were great to work with and product is great!,2021-12-18T11:22:47.412Z,6987327504545,2-dogs-in-one-artwork,,true,4539485749409,,,Very Satisfied N1X6lyB5o,Active,5,,,Erika,I purchased this knit sweater as a Christmas gift and it couldn’t have been any more perfect! Everyone loved it and wanted their own. Plus their customer service was best-in-class. They followed up with me after I received the item to make sure it was exactly as expected. They went above and beyond expectations. ,2021-12-17T02:10:44.417Z,6983615611041,4-color-jacquard-sweater-portrait,,,,,,Very Satisfied 4yY4D6fci,Active,5,,,Phyllis B.,"I love your personal service. Not only a soulful product, but impeccable attention to detail. Thank you for spreading joy and love to those you serve!",2021-12-15T11:57:15.337Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied 4JyiJue5j,Active,5,,,Alex W.,I really love my awesome sweater!!!! ,2021-12-13T17:18:56.110Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satified NJCZ4FAYo,Active,5,,,Doris,Love the quality and how the artwork turned out. ,2021-12-12T06:21:36.731Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satified NJoFoHoKs,Active,5,,,Jasmine and Brian M.,Came out amazing ,2021-12-09T19:43:42.301Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,true,4550652821755,,,Very Satified N1xIcaM6j,Rejected,5,,,Charlie C.,"The sweaters from Knitwise were amazing. They fit well and are comfortable and everyone I gave them to loves them. They are well crafted and the artwork looks great. Thank you so much for making this wonderful thing. ",2022-01-20T21:59:12.604Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,One Pet / Chili,true,4567174643963,,,Very Satisfied NyLBc6MTo,Rejected,5,,,Charlie C.,"The sweaters from Knitwise were amazing. They fit well and are comfortable and everyone I gave them to loves them. They are well crafted and the artwork looks great. Thank you so much for making this wonderful thing. ",2022-01-20T21:59:02.587Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,One Pet / Grey,true,4567174643963,,,Very Satisfied EyjNcpzao,Rejected,5,,,Charlie C.,"The sweaters from Knitwise were amazing. They fit well and are comfortable and everyone I gave them to loves them. They are well crafted and the artwork looks great. Thank you so much for making this wonderful thing. ",2022-01-20T21:58:51.942Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,One Pet / Black,true,4567183098107,,,Very Satisfied V1G7q6M6i,Rejected,5,,,Charlie C.,"The sweaters from Knitwise were amazing. They fit well and are comfortable and everyone I gave them to loves them. They are well crafted and the artwork looks great. Thank you so much for making this wonderful thing. ",2022-01-20T21:58:27.044Z,7094593454241,holiday-special-pet-custom-sweater,Two Pets / Chili,true,4567190175995,,,Very Satisfied 41G5yWQci,Rejected,5,,,ziyi z.,great,2021-12-15T15:57:39.782Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,,Very Satisfied VJUM5pGaj,Rejected,5,,,Charlie C.,"The sweaters from Knitwise were amazing. They fit well and are comfortable and everyone I gave them to loves them. They are well crafted and the artwork looks great. Thank you so much for making this wonderful thing. ",2022-01-20T21:58:15.386Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,One Pet / Navy,true,4568708448507,,,Very Satisfied VJBG1lA7j,Rejected,5,,,Ting H.,"I like the sweater A LOT. it is a soft cotton hand feel. I can wear it just as it or over a shirt or tee. I picked the red for the holidays and probably will also wear it to when walk dogs in the next few weeks. It is perfect for outdoor fall and spring in Delaware. I am sure this year Momoco and Alyx will become famous in my neighborhood. LOL. Thinking of get another color like cream later. so far the sweater is in great shape after a few wash. no pilling, no shrink, no fading color. easy care just to through the sweater in washer for cold wash. Thumb up. ",2021-09-30T00:08:21.904Z,6980342579361,full-body-pet-custom-sweater,,,,,