Stand out and boost profits with custom pet knitwear

Stand out and boost profits with custom pet knitwear

Knitwise is the #1 Pet Knitwear Personalization Platform.

Boost sales and loyalty with custom pet portrait knitwear

Tap into the growing demand for personalized pet products and increase sales with custom pet portrait knitwear. Stand out with a unique product category that sets you apart. Personalize customer experience, drive loyalty, and repeat purchases.

Earn 5x more profit with premium custom knitwear

You can position custom pet knitwear as higher-value items compared to regular printed apparel and portraits. Maximize your profitability with our competitive product costs in the market.

You pay for fulfillment only when you make 5x of printed shirts.

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We take care of knitting, manufacturing and worldwide delivery. Allowing you to focus on marketing, design, and growing your business effortlessly.

Launch your success with free onboarding

Get a head start with our free onboarding process, ensuring a seamless launch for your new business in custom pet knitwear. We provide guidance and support to establish your brand and start selling hassle-free.

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Maximize profit potential by joining the custom pet knitwear market

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