Master the art of designing for knitting

Master the art of designing for knitting

Discover the Knitwise design guide – Your ultimate resource for knitting creations.

Unleash your creativity with jacquard knitting

Discover the magic of knitted patterns and elevate your designs.

Beauty of jacquard knitting

Jacquard knitting is a fascinating technique where patterns are constructed by interweaving yarn to build the structure of a design directly into the fabric of a garment. This intricate method allows for precise control over colors and structures, resulting in stunning and detailed patterns.

Vibrant designs and premium textures

With knitted patterns, your designs come to life with vibrant colors that never fade or wash out. The intricate texture of knitted fabric adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, giving your creations a premium look and feel.

Embrace color mixing techniques

While our designs support up to four colors, don't let that limit your imagination. Our team of experts is here to guide you in exploring the art of color mixing techniques. Discover how to blend and transition colors, creating captivating gradients, striking contrasts, and complex designs at Knitwise.
  • 1. No more than 4 colors

    Design stunning patterns using up to 4 carefully chosen colors for a captivating and impactful look.

  • 2. Wide selection of yarn colors

    Choose from our collection of 36 vibrant and versatile yarn colors to bring your design to life.

  • 3. Opt for darker base colors

    Jacquard knitting creates a tightly bound structure, making darker base colors more visually appealing and less prone to distortion or light color showing through at seams.

  • 4. Contrasting trim areas

    Add a vibrant touch to your design by using the rib structure of the trim areas to create striking color contrasts and accentuate key details.

Step 1. Follow the design tutorials

By following our design tutorial, you can avoid mistakes and gain valuable insights. Find specific guidelines for each product, ensuring your designs meet requirements. For added convenience, hire a design expert starting at $35.

Step 2. Design on Knitwise templates

Knitwise provides a range of templates to simplify the design process. These templates include both blank templates for your own creative freedom and artist-designed templates to help you get started quickly. The templates are preloaded with information that knitting machines can read, ensuring accurate and efficient production.

Step 3. Order a sample

Ordering a sample is crucial to ensure that your design details are correct and that the quality meets your expectations before you start selling. It allows you to physically assess the product, check for any necessary adjustments, and make improvements if needed. Additionally, ordering a sample helps you test your design faster, ensuring a seamless production and customer experience.

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