Custom knit blankets made easy

Custom knit blankets made easy

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What makes us different

A fully knitted premium blanket you’ll love to have

Our products are crafted with premium materials, offering easy care and long-lasting designs. Each piece undergoes thorough quality checks to ensure unmatched durability and top quality.

Designing is easier than ever

Free design tools, templates, and 3D mockups to turn your ideas into stunning fully-knitted apparel. Choose from a wide range of design templates across various themes and get expert guidance from our dedicated team of artists. Let us help you succeed!

Fast and efficient worldwide fulfillment

Experience speedy fulfillment, with orders knit and ready to ship in as fast as 7 days. Choose between dropshipping or small batch orders based on your preference.
  • Pick a blanket

    Choose from our timeless collection of knitwear.

  • Create your design

    Create one from scratch or use our free templates.

  • Place your order

    Purchase directly in the app or start selling.

Sustainable Knitwear Manufacturer

  • At Knitwise, we’re proud of our sustainability efforts and always strive to do more.
  • Every knit product is made to order, which means there is no unsold inventory.
  • Each piece is perfectly knit to match its ideal shape, so there is minimum fabric waste compared to cut and sew.
  • We work with factories certified by WRAP and Elevate, ensuring ethical treatment of workers.
  • Quivro Clothing

    Knitwise has been a great opportunity for us to start our business. The app is fantastic, easy to use, well designed, allowing customization of products and providing real time order status updates. Another notable advantage is the freedom from inventory concerns, Knitwise offers direct shipping to customers, ensuring a smoother and more streamlined operation for our business.

  • Pander Shirts

    Absolutely loving working with Knitwise, the products are super high quality and nothing I've been able to create on-demand has even come close. Recommend!

  • Kaeraz

    I've worked with Knitwise for awhile, and I was excited to try their app once it launched. I was not disappointed! It works great and the fulfillment is timely. Their pieces continue to be excellent quality. It's nice to be able to offer high-quality knitwear to my clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost to make custom knit blankets?

Our knitwear prices range from $31 to $49. You can choose from several sizes:

  • 30in*42in
  • 40in*56in
  • 50in*60in
  • 50in*70in

Can I order just one custom knit blanket?

Absolutely! You can order a single knit blanket. We have no minimum order quantity.

Can you ship one order to multiple locations?

Yes, we can! We can ship your order to multiple locations based on your needs, so you can stay connected with your remote teammates.

Where do you ship to?

We currently ship to the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico, the UK, Japan, Singapore, and the EU. Please click here to learn more about our shipping policy.